August 20, 2009

HEY! This is important! Not only does this help Ratbone with it's rescue efforts by paying vet expenses, it is a really beautiful work of art that Susan is creating. Be sure to check this out:

Check out Ratbone Rescues' Stained Glass Lamp Fundraiser!

To see pictures and purchase tickets, please click on this link (at the top of the page, the word "website" is a link to buy tix):
Proceeds will help pay for Maya Piddlepot's $2,500 surgery bill, and any additional funds will be put in the general fund so that we can help save more Ratties!!
Due to a very ill mother and job responsibilities, the artist, Ratbone's very own Susan Cadell, has had limited time to complete the lamp project. In order to ensure that it will be sent out within 5 days of the drawing date, we find it necessary at this time to extend the raffle date until Sept. 1. The winning ticket will be drawn on September 2 at 730 PM. THANK YOU AND GOOD LUCK!!

This one is just one of Susan's lamps that I REALLY LOVE!