January 26, 2011

This is Howie DoIt!

Meet Howie Ratdel! A total babe.......

Maybe that is total baby. Howie is a sweetheart of a dog but what a spoiled bRat he is. He is a tiny little guy with tiny little legs and tiny little paws which HATE being wet or cold. He really doesn't think a tiny little dog should be forced to go out in the cold, although he will go outside when he really needs to. Just don't forget to let him right back in after he has attended to his business.

He like coats and sweaters, they keep his little hairless chest warm, although they may itch after a while, then he will roll around on the floor, sliding them out of place. His truest joy however, is being held. He prefers to be under covers or under a shirt but will settle for just being held if he is dressed warmly. He will nod off as soon as he gets comfortable and warm. He immediately took to getting inside my shirt whenever I would sit down. During cold weather, if I would wear a robe he would ride around inside the front of it, the belt keeping him from dropping out the bottom. Shirts, those are a little harder for him to stay in when I stand up.

He is the (almost) the definition of a pocket pup. He is a little big for a regular pocket but stuff him inside a shirt or under a blanket and he will cuddle for hours. Better than a hot water bottle, he never goes cold and is cheaper to operate than a heating pad, plus, he's cordless.