June 04, 2011

Invisible pets?

I tried to take pictures of my new "pets" but since they are nearly invisible at this time, the best I could get was some shells and gravel. The new critters are baby goldfish and I mean real babies, like just hatched last week. My 4 goldfish got very excited about the addition of live, floating plants to their pond a couple weeks ago. Within a couple days they had deposited eggs among the roots of the plants. Since they then set about eating any eggs they located, I took one of the plants out and put it in a bucket. In less than a week, I looked in the bucket and saw what could have passed for mosquito larvae but they didn't wiggle the same way. The first couple days I had to look really closely and all I could really see were two tiny dots, followed by a 1/4" thread like line. The rest of each tiny fish was transparent.
Now that a week has passed, they resemble minnows but VERY small. I can make out little heads holding their tiny eyes and their bodies are more visible now. Maybe in another week I will be able to get pictures where they actually show up.