October 29, 2011

Lazy Autumn Nights

Fall is officially here in the Lewis establishment.  The furnace came on this morning, although I thought it was turned off.  Turns out I had just turned it down so when it got down to 58^, it kicked on.  I usually try to see how late we can go before turning it on, made it to Thanksgiving a couple times.  BRRR! It was getting a little chilly in here by then.  
The fun part about cool nights is packing into the library, where the computer is, turning on the "stove" which looks like it is burning and puts out a nice warm breeze.  The dogs love when the stove goes on because they can curl up in front of it and get all toasty. They become less like a pack of terriers than a herd of slugs when the heat is on.   

On winter mornings, when I get ready for a shower, I turn on a little electric heater in the bathroom to warm it up before jumping in. Long ago, my "kids" learned what it means when I holler "bathroom".  When they hear that word, they run into the bathroom and cluster in front of the heater, on the bath rug.  The trick is to find a place to put my feet when I get done.  I have to slip my feet between little dog bodies to get out onto the floor again.  There are a couple who volunteer to help me "dry off" by licking the water drops off my ankles.  When the really cold weather comes, they don't want to leave the bathroom when I'm done, until I turn off the heater, then they are ready to go. 

Now that I'm retired, I should have plenty of hours to sit in the warm library with the dogs.  I can listen to "old time radio" on the computer,  while working on my blogs.  Gunsmoke is my favorite.  Could it be any better than that?
Sweet dreams fur buddies. 

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