September 24, 2011

Quilt 2011

The Ratbone Rescues quilt for 2011 is finished and is now in the process of finding a new home. It came out pretty nice, at least I think so. So many lovely blocks were made by volunteers. I made the center block, a Columbus Day block, Memorial Day block, Christmas block and a Halloween block.

I really have enjoyed doing the applique work. I hadn't really tried anything like that until I started doing blocks for the rescue quilt. The neat thing about the applique is the artistry in it, even though at this point, for me it is a craft. Perhaps eventually I will create truly original designs, so far I have used photos for my designs. I did modify the image for the center block, making the puppy several weeks younger than the one in the actual picture.

The quilt is big enough for a queen sized bed and should be nice and warm. The binding is done in the burgundy color used in the center block. Each pieced star block was done by a Ratbone member and her mom in a long weekend. The quilter put little stars in each little white square in the corners of those blocks.

I do hope this beautiful quilt raises a lot of money for our rescue. A lot of expense goes with rescue and it is rare to find a legitimate rescue that is not in the red most of the time. Takes a lot of fundraisers to keep up with the cost of vet care for 100+ dogs at a time.

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