September 25, 2011

Visible pets.....finally

Finally, an update on my formerly invisible pets. The little fish actually look like fish now.

Despite having all hatched within the same 24 hour period, they now range in size from about a half inch to probably close to an inch and a half. Only one has come into his color so far, that is the biggest, named Midas. The second largest one, called Carat, is bronze colored but should turn gold before long.

There appears to be a natural process that prevents overcrowding, besides the one where the parents eat as many of the eggs as they can find. Over time a large number of little fish just died off.

There are only 11 fish now and the smallest one is so little I am still not sure he will grow up. None of them are big enough to rejoin the "parental" group. I hope by next spring they will be able to swim with the big fishies, although most of them will go live in the country in a friend's stock tank. They keep down mosquitoes and adding more than one extra to my little pond would probably too much.
It was kind of fun raising some of them but I doubt I will get real excited about doing it again.

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